Six Sigmatics

Applying 6 Sigma principles and tools to real world problems to generate real solutions.


sigmatics (Noun):

The study of the relationships between symbols and the things they represent.

Does Your Business Have:

  1. Problems you solve over and over or problems you just can’t solve?
  2. No tools to easily see trends, analyze data, and identify low-performing opportunities for improvement and root causes?
  3. Yields that are below standard reducing profitability and capacity
  4. Customer requirements you can’t achieve consistently and profitably
  5. Lines operating above budget

You’re not alone! We’ve helped clients solve all these tough problems and more using 6 Sigma training.

tired fatigue exhaustion engineer worker hard working in factory. worker sick from Corona virus flu.

How does Six Sigma training help improve my business?

This training provides your company with methods to find and fix the root causes to your day-to-day challenges. Our goal is to transform your existing processes to achieve higher profitability, increase sales, and exceed customer satisfaction. It can also be used as a tool for personal and professional development and to improve workplace culture.

How 6 Sigma Works


Develop well scoped projects backed by data and aligned with corporate objectives with great ROI’s.


Ensure your measurement tools will allow you to see the differences required to make improvements. Identify potential causes of the effect you are trying to improve.


Graphically and statistically prove/disprove causes and effects identifying potential solutions.


Select and validate solutions. Plan and implement ensuring problems don’t reoccur. Optimize solution settings if possible.


Monitor improvements, control plans, and solution effectivity.

What We Offer

6 Sigma Training

A proven set of tools that can help your business improve its bottom line.

Yellow Belt – Gives your team members basic root cause problem solving tools and enables them to lead smaller projects and work on teams run by green and black belts.
Green Belt – Includes all of the Yellow Belt Training plus the ability to analyze data graphically and statistically to prove or disprove hypotheses to truly identify root causes and validate solutions.
Black Belt – Supplements the Green Belt Training with the ability to run Design of Experiments (DOE) to identify critical input settings that will optimize process outputs. Read More

Team Facilitation

We fill in the role of the Black Belt to bring your team through the DMAIC process to become more stable, capable, and optimized. Read More

We’ve saved dozens of companies tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with our approach.

Let's Make Your Processes Brilliant

“Brilliant process management is our strategy. We get brilliant results from average people managing brilliant processes. We observe that our competitors often get average (or worse) results from brilliant people managing broken processes.”

Katsuaki Watanabe, CEO 
  Toyota Motor Corporation

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